10 Cool Tablet Gadgets and Accessories in 2023

Man using tablet

In 2023, there are a ton of great tablet gadgets and accessories that tablet owners can use to enhance their tablet experience. From the best iPad accessories to the best Android and Windows tablet accessories, there are a lot of great gadgets out there. That’s why we’re exploring some great options, from must-have iPad accessories and the best Android accessories to those for tablets of all kinds. 

Wireless Controller

For mobile gaming, tablets can be a great way to go. With a large screen, and highly mobile format, tablets are great for gaming at home or on the go. Adding a controller can be a great way to enhance the gaming experience. One great option? For users of iPads, The Megadream Wireless Gamepad Controller for IOS. 

Bluetooth Headset

Woman is using tablet while wearing wireless Bluetooth headphones

You may already have the best tablet speakers, but whether you’re looking for some privacy or a great way to get immersed in the game. A wireless headset can be one of the best tablet accessories as well. One such solution that offers not only Bluetooth connectivity but also clear sound and noise-canceling microphone capability? The Arama Bluetooth Headset V5.0

Charging Station

For households with numerous mobile devices, a charging station can make all the difference in the world. Creating a unified destination for mobile devices at the end of the day or between uses. A charging station can keep everyone’s devices ready to go when they’re needed most. One great option is the Unitek USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices which supports charging for up to 10 devices at one time. 

Drawing Stylus

Person using Drawing Stylus on tablet

One of the great things about tablets is that they’re often an incredible way to create visual illustrations. From comics and drawings to digital paintings and more. With the right stylus, your drawing experience can transform. For IOS users, a great option might be an EVACH Stylus Pencil, offering a fine 1.5mm metal tip. For users of Android or Windows tablets, another great option is the SANPYL Stylus Pen for capacitive touchscreens, which features a fine soft rubber tip. 

Wireless Mouse

While touchscreens are highly convenient input components, some tasks may be easier with a mouse. Whether for gaming or use alongside a keyboard, a wireless mouse can be an excellent addition. One great option is the MMK Wireless Bluetooth Mouse, which can use with both 2.4 GHz wireless connections. Bluetooth 5.0, making it ideal for tablets and laptops alike. Additionally, with various DPI settings, this mouse will be at home whether you’re working on a project or gaming. 


Wireless keyboard of tablet

While tablets offer touch keyboards, adding a physical keyboard is a great way to get more out of your screen space. Enjoy the tactile experience of typing on a physical keyboard. Since different tablets have different ports, Bluetooth can be a great option. It offers connectivity across a wide range of Bluetooth-supporting mobile devices. The other great thing about a wireless connection is that you won’t need to worry about cables running between your keyboard and device. One great option is the BoxWave SlimKeys Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad. It offers a sleek metallic underside as well as wireless capabilities and a built-in trackpad, enabling you to use it as both a keyboard and for cursor input. 

Tablet Stand

Having a tablet stand can be a great way to watch a movie or sit down to get some work done. A versatile wall mount or base tablet stand can be affixed to either the wall or surface space of your choice, making it a great option and one of the most practical accessories for tablets. One such versatile option? The StarTech Universal Tablet Stand can be either set on its base mount on a counter or desk or easily mounted to the wall. 

Tablet Case 

Tablet with its case, diary and pencil on table

One of the great things about tablets is that they combine wide screen space with a high degree of portability. However, portable devices face the risks associated with travel. Falls and bumps can wreak havoc on our beloved devices. The best tablet cases can depend on your needs but may offer convenience, protection, and comfort. That’s why it can be so helpful to find a great case — such as the Pharri 10-inch Tablet Case, designed to fit a range of tablets with around 10-inch screens. 

Headrest Holder

Headrest holders are an excellent way to enhance a backseat space with some entertainment or informative content. The Fullong Adjustable Car Headrest Mount Holder for Tablets is one great option, offering a flexible mounting solution for tablets in cars. 

Cushion Holder

A cushion holder is a great way to secure your tablet in comfort. Offering a flexible cushion that can adjust to a wide range of positions and a means to secure your tablet for comfortable viewing. A cushion holder can be useful anywhere from home or the classroom to the car or the park. One great option is the Planet Buddies Tablet Stand and iPad Holder.

The Bottom Line

Tablet Gadgets and Accessories

There are some amazing gadgets and accessories out there. Whether you’re looking to enhance your tablet drawings, make road trips more fun, or just relax with a cushion tablet holder. There are a ton of great ways to enhance your tablet experience.

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