5 Must-have Upgrades for Your Home Security System

Home security system

Home safety security is a must for your peace of mind, regardless of what your neighborhood is like. Even if you’re fairly confident you live in a safe area, it never hurts to be extra prepared with home security devices. But with so many options out there—from wireless home security systems to other security devices—it’s hard to know where to look. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 best security devices for homes. 

1. Ring Alarms and Cameras  

Ring sells home doorbells, security cameras, and other home safety devices. We like Ring devices for a couple reasons. First, they’re easy upgrades. Their simple setup usually takes less than an hour, making it a great starter alarm system for houses. Once you connect to Wi-Fi, you’re ready to go. For that reason, many customers swear by Ring as the best alarm system for homes. The products are also at a decent price point,  and can be mixed and matched with other devices from the same brand. Here are a few of their home security gadgets for home we recommend: 

  • Ring Video Doorbell: This nifty device boasts 1080p video monitoring, two-way audio capabilities, and 3D motion detection technology. While not a security device on its own, it adds an extra layer of protection if you don’t already own a camera. 
  • Ring Stick-up Cam: These affordable cameras connect to an app, where you can get a live view of what the camera sees. You also have the option of purchasing either a battery-powered or wired version of the product. 
  • Eight-piece Kit: This is the best security system for homes on a budget. The system works with Alexa and includes a base station, keypad, sensor, and connects with the Ring app. 

2. Smart Locks 

Smart locks for your home

A key can be easily copied, stolen, or picked. Smart door locks solve this issue, making them home security must haves. A smart key is a gadget that allows you to lock and unlock doors via voice command, a passcode, fingerprint, or your smartphone. If you’re a person who loses their keys often, home security devices like this are a game changer.

With features like keyless entry and remote access, smart locks take away the hassle of forgetting to lock doors or fumbling for keys in the dark. Smart locks also make it easy to provide temporary access to guests, contractors, or service providers. You can set specific timeframes for when they can enter and receive notifications when they do.

3. Hazard Detectors 

Hazard Detectors

Home security isn’t just for potential intruders. Having a stellar fire and carbon monoxide detection system are also important home safety devices. You likely already own a fire alarm system (they’re required in many places), but it’s never a bad idea to check on the system every once in a while. Most systems will need updating after 10-15 years. Your batteries should be changed once a year. 

Carbon monoxide detectors are equally important, and also legally mandated in many areas. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that’s very difficult to detect. It can be produced by common household appliances, making it a hidden danger. This is why it’s so important to own a detector. You should replace yours every 5-7 years, and change the batteries once a year. 

4. Window Sensors 

Window sensor

Windows are often a key point of entry for burglars or intruders. These home security tools are an inexpensive but effective way to combat this. Window sensors are placed on windows and trigger an alarm when the window is opened or tampered with. They’re a discreet and versatile option, as they work with various window types, including sliding and casement windows. Like many other home security gadgets, they can be integrated into your existing security system. For an extra layer of protection, you can also use them by doors to secure other areas.

5. Outdoor Lighting

Security system for outdoor lightning

Home security gadgets that protect from the outside are often overlooked. Motion sensing lights are a great way to boost your home security. Lighting your home’s exterior does two things to deter burglars. First, it eliminates hiding spots. Lights that turn on in the presence of movement also make it hard for intruders to approach unnoticed. 

As we mentioned, Ring is a popular choice for security lights, but don’t be afraid to explore your options more. Google Nest, Bunker Hill Security, and plenty other brands also offer lights with motion sensor capabilities. 

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