5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Night Vision Camera

Night vision camera

As unfortunate as it is, home invasions and burglaries are a very real issue in today’s society. So you always need to be sure you’re prepared and protected from them. One of the best ways to protect your home is with a system of night vision camera. They can track everything happening around your house no matter the time. Of course, if you’re planning to invest in a system of night vision security cameras. You want to be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. So keep reading for five of the most important things to consider.

1. Find a Solid Vantage Point

Though their intended purpose is to capture any crimes that are committed, night cameras also serve as a deterrent when used properly. To ensure it’ll stop break-ins proactively, be sure to set it up in a place where would-be burglars can easily see it. If they can easily tell that they’re being watched by a night vision camera. They’ll be reluctant to break in for fear of that tape being sent to the authorities. This will reduce your risk of break-ins as a whole, but if worst comes to worst, you’ll still have a record of what happened.

2. Consider Camera Quality

Camera in home corner

Though a night vision surveillance camera often prevents people from ever breaking into your home to begin with. It needs to be able to catch anything suspicious that happens to occur anyway. Oftentimes, an otherwise useful recording simply can’t be used because the resolution is too low to make out any details, leaving the homeowners with more or less no recourse. To prevent this from happening, we recommend purchasing a camera capable of capturing high-quality footage in which clear details can be made out. This will ensure that investigators notice prominent traits by which the perpetrator can later be identified, giving you a greater chance of getting justice if you’re ever broken into.

3. Account for Storage Space

Since your night vision camera will be recording 24/7, you need a place for all those recordings to be stored. As important as it is to have crisp, detailed video in your security camera’s recordings, there’s no denying how much space it takes up. That’s why when you invest in a night vision camera. You also need to invest in a pretty hefty storage device. We’d recommend inserting a high-capacity SD card into the camera itself. Then copying down the data to your PC’s hard drive and wiping the card every so often. This will allow you to have a 24/7 record of the goings-on around your home easily accessible from your home computer. It will keep you from having to worry about whether or not your camera has space for so much data.

4. Buy a Durable Camera

CCTV camera

Since night vision cameras are outside 24/7, they need to be equipped to withstand the weather. While you can certainly save money upfront by buying a cheaper camera. A high-end camera is a far better investment in the long run. Ultimately, the lower cost has to come from somewhere, and usually, that’s either resolution (like we mentioned earlier) or the camera’s durability. If you sacrifice durability for the sake of cost. There’s a fair chance that your night vision camera simply won’t be built to the high standard required for such a piece of equipment.

This means that when extreme weather conditions hit, whether that’s heat, cold, or rain, your camera may end up giving out. It will force you to buy a new one far too early. After going through several cameras like this, it’s going to start getting expensive. So it’s better to just invest in a more durable camera to begin with. By spending the extra cash upfront, you’ll have a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment. It is capable of protecting your home for years to come.

5. Ensure a Wide Field of View

Night vision camera in home

Finally, be sure that your night vision camera is placed in a position where it can capture a wide field of view. If the field of view is too narrow, potential burglars can simply avoid its line of sight. Essentially rendering it a complete non-threat. When deciding where to place your night vision camera. Look for a point that captures a large area in front of your house, and if possible, the surrounding sidewalks and streets as well. This makes it more or less impossible for a potential robber to stay hidden from it. Which as we mentioned earlier, may deter them from committing the crime at all.

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