Best Tech Gifts for Your Mom this Mother’s Day

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it can be stressful to shop for the perfect gift for such a special lady. Every mother is different and picking out the right gift for your mom this Mother’s Day can really bring her day to the next level. Tech gifts for mom can be the perfect choice to make her big day special, even for the less tech-savvy.

Here are some great options for the best tech gifts for your mom this Mother’s Day!


Tech gifts for mom: woman checking smartwatch

Everyone has worn a watch at some point in their lives. Maybe your parents still wear an analog one every day. If she doesn’t have a smartwatch yet, or her current one is worn and outdated. A new smartwatch can be a great gift to improve mom’s everyday life.

Many modern smartwatches sync up with online payment processors like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, taking away some of the hassle on trips to the store. After all, why dig for your wallet when you can have a payment method conveniently on your wrist! Smartwatches can also offer convenient tools like alarms, texting, and activity tracking that can make mom’s day easier.

If your mom already has a smartwatch, upgrading her smartwatch band could also be a great gift. From beautiful leather to breathable fabric, there’s a watch band for every lifestyle.

Digital Cameras

woman holding a professional camera in studio

Cameras are classic tech gifts for parents to preserve the most special moments in their lives. Modern cameras are also cheaper than ever with many digital cameras offering affordable and portable forms that can be slipped into a purse or handbag. 

For parents with an eye for the camera lens, name brands like Nikon, Sanyo, and Panasonic can be a great choice. Many top-end cameras also come with extra settings and accessories for creating the perfect shot. Whether it’s capturing a child or grandchild’s birthday party or snapping photos at a sporting event.

To add another fun component to the gift, consider purchasing accessories like lenses to give mom even more creative options.

Tablet Accessories

Tech gifts for mom: Tablet

Tablets can be a mom’s best friend with everything they could ever need at their fingertips. If your mom is rarely found without her tablet, consider upgrading her experience with a few accessories.

For example, cases can both protect the tablet and provide additional comfort to the user. Cases made out of luxury materials, like high-quality leather. It can also add a bit of elegance to an otherwise mundane object. Some cases even have keyboards, making it easier for mom to web surf, browse, and write from anywhere.

Another great way to protect mom’s tech is by getting her a screen protector. In addition to protecting the tablet from scratches, scuffs, and other wear and tear. Changing out the screen protector can make even old tablets look as good as new. In the grand scheme of tech gifts, this is a very affordable and practical option.


woman on the couch at home using laptop

Nowadays, nearly everyone has a laptop in their house in some form or another. Laptops offer portable computing solutions for everyone and come in a wide variety of specs. Whether your Mom wants to play games or just uses her computer to check Facebook. A laptop can be a great gift to show mom how much you care.

Chromebooks are a great laptop option for people who want something portable and convenient but still need something a little more advanced than a tablet. As a sweet bonus, consider setting up a family photo as the computer’s background or putting some sweet notes in the device’s word processor for her to find as she explores this new tool.

Just like with tablets, laptops need protecting. To upgrade this gift even more, consider including important supplies like screen protectors, cases, and keyboard covers so this gift can last for years to come.


happy couple using speaker

For the moms who love jamming out to their favorite radio station, speakers are the perfect gift. Whether they prefer Top 40 or country stations. They can enjoy all their favorite songs from anywhere in the house with a new speaker set up. From a convenient portable speaker she can carry with her to speakers stationed in each room. This gift is as customizable as any so you can give mom exactly what she wants this year.

Want to make it a fun surprise? Coordinate with other family members to get the speakers all set up, then surprise her by turning on her favorite songs!

Picking the Perfect Tech Gifts with DirectNine

At DirectNine, we have the answer to “What’s a good Mother’s Day gift?” this year. We carry a wide array of tech gifts and accessories to help give your Mom the perfect present, from smart home accessories and security systems to home speaker systems. If you’re looking to pick out the perfect tech gifts for mom this Mother’s Day, let DirectNine help you find the perfect gadgets!

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