Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Woman using Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speaker has more than just great sound, they’re also easy to transport and they make listening simple – no matter where you are.

Keep reading to get an idea of the best USB Bluetooth speaker for your needs.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers For Travel

When you travel, you need a great sound that reaches far and can be taken anywhere. Slim and compact is the move, as the speaker should be easy to pack, but the great thing is that this speaker’s sound is far from small. 

Check out the mini speaker, for music that you can take any and everywhere.

Portable bluetooth speaker for travel

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

If you live your life outdoors, you need portable outdoor speakers that can handle all sorts of weather. It should be resistant to not only snow and rain but dust and shock too. Take it to the beach or to the trail and enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere in the world. 

Bluetooth Speaker in Your Home

When you’re using Bluetooth-powered speakers as the main listening system in your home, they need to be both attractive and powerful. Acting as a staple in the room, they should be excellent for listening and aesthetic purposes alike. 

Woman using portable bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speakers with Phone Charging

Did you know bluetooth powered speakers have the ability to charge your phone, too? With a built-in recharger, you won’t have to worry about your phone dying while it supplies the music you’re enjoying. A rechargeable speaker system comes with a USB charging port that you can connect to your phone or your tablet while you’re on-the-go. . 

Portable Wireless Speakers for Making Calls

There are certain portable wireless speakers that double as speakerphones, with built-in microphones so you can chat even if you can’t reach your actual smartphone. Your phone will automatically route to the speaker, so picking up and taking calls (or declining them) is as easy as pressing a button. 

Making a call using portable bluetooth speaker

Enjoy Music Wirelessly with a Bluetooth Speaker

Using a top-tech audio bluetooth speaker is one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite music, and the experience can be made even more enjoyable with these great options. Shop bluetooth speakers today to find your perfect match.

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