How to Choose the Best Audio Music Player for Yourself

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In the age of mobile phones, dedicated audio players have lost a bit of their popularity. But they’re still much more relevant than you’d think. Though most casual music listeners won’t notice a huge difference, to passionate audiophiles, it’s actually quite significant. Though listening to music on your phone is more convenient. A device that texts, calls, browses the internet, plays games, and does so much more while still fitting in your pocket has to make some compromises. So your listening experience won’t be of the same quality as it would with a dedicated music player. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the things to look out for when picking your own music player.

Look for High Sound Quality

First and most importantly, look for a music player that supports high-quality sound. The sound quality of the audio player itself will determine how clear your music can be heard, whether or not you can pick up on its subtleties, and more, so even though you may have to pay more for higher audio quality, it’s well worth the investment.

Pair With a Solid Pair of Headphones


Once you have a nice, high-quality audio player picked out, you’ll need an equally high-quality pair of headphones to go with it. Even if the audio player itself supports high-quality sound, it won’t matter if you’re using low-quality headphones. Ensure that both the player and the headphones you’re connecting to the player are of a high enough quality for you, and you’ll have an absolutely unparalleled listening experience.

Pick a Player That Supports Your Files

Audio files can save in a number of different formats such as .mp4 and .wav, each of which requires a different programming structure to be read and played back properly. While most music players will support multiple formats, you’d be hard-pressed to find a player that supports all of them, so be sure to pick out an audio player that can properly play your existing library of music files.

In the event that your music library has too many file types for an audio player to cover them all, you can resort to converting them into compatible files instead. Services like Cloud Convert can access for free on the internet, and will take your existing audio files, copy them, and then return them to you in a format of your choice. This may lead to loss of audio quality in some cases. So it’s best used as a last resort, but it’s better than having to re-buy your favorite songs in a compatible format.

Look for a Long-Lasting Battery


 If you already have a habit of listening to music on your phone. You probably know that there’s nothing more frustrating than your battery running out of juice in the middle of your favorite song. To prevent this from happening with your audio player, be sure to find one that has a longer battery life. While this may raise the price point a bit. The convenience of being able to go a while without charging means that your audio player can go with you wherever you go. You won’t ever have to worry about being without your favorite playlist.

Consider Storage Space

Chances are, you’ve also encountered the issue of storage space when it comes to music. With so many great songs out there. It’s difficult to pick which ones you want to keep and which ones will have to stay on another device. Therefore, it’s best to avoid making this choice entirely by investing in an audio player with a large storage capacity. While some have their storage built in. Others rely on external storage like an SD card. So we recommend investing in the latter, as storage can easily upgrade whenever you need.

Pick Something Within Your Price Range

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As with most pieces of technology, you get what you pay for when it comes to audio music players. There are the obvious features that will lead to a higher price point. Like superior battery life, a larger storage capacity, or higher audio quality. There are also several other factors that come with their own considerations.

For example, are you planning to listen to your music from a library of prepurchased. Downloaded music files, or would you prefer to listen to them from a music streaming service like Spotify or SoundCloud? If you’re opting for downloads only. You can save a bit of money by purchasing a player without web access. If you’re planning to stream, you can probably get away with skimping on storage space a bit. Consider where, when, and how you plan to use your audio player. Invest in one that will meet your needs at an appropriate price point.

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