How to Choose the Perfect Home Projector


When it comes to a home theater viewing, presentation is everything. While a state-of-the-art TV set might offer booming sound or vibrant pictures, it’s not always the most practical or affordable choice. Presentation Home Projector is a great alternative if you want flexibility with a larger screen or greater viewing difference. They also expose you to less blue light, making them better for your eyes than TV. 

To find the best home theater projector, you’ll need to know the basics of types of projectors and what to look for. Not to worry! In this projector buying guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know. Let’s dive in. 

What to Look for in a Projector 

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Projectors work by projecting an image onto a surface, usually through the use of a lens or laser. That’s what they do in a nutshell, but in recent years, projectors have gotten more advanced, with larger viewing distances, better imaging technology, and other features. To find the best home theater projector for you, you’ll have to narrow down which of these features are most important. Here are several factors to consider when searching for a projector: 


The price for projectors can vary wildly, with some high end projectors costing upwards of four figures, depending on the currency you use. If you’re like the average person, your preferences may very well come down to cost. Generally, a more expensive projector will get you better image quality, wireless compatibility, and high definition screening. These types of projectors are ideal for gamers or those who want a premium experience.  

Light Source

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The light source for projectors is an important factor to consider. There are three different types, all with their own pros and cons: lamps, LED, and laser. Old school video projectors use lamps, and this is often also a cheaper option. However, they’ll need to be changed after 3,000 to 4,000 hours of viewing. LED and laser lights, while pricier, offer much more longevity. They can last roughly up to 20,000 hours of viewing. 


Light output is crucial for projectors. If the lighting is too dim, the image projecting won’t be visible. The best video projectors should have a brightness of at least 1,000 ANSI Lumens. Room size, screen size/distance, and other lighting in the room may move the ideal brightness up or down. Fewer lumens isn’t always a negative. For instance, a projector for small rooms may not have 1,000 Lumens, since they can probably light up the room with just 500. 


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If you’re specifically shopping for a movie projector, you’ll want a projector that supports high resolution (also called pixel density). For HDTV viewing, you’ll want a resolution as high as possible, preferably 1920×1080. DVD and disc players need at least 1024×768. 


Having the ability to put away a projector and take it somewhere is appealing, especially for those who travel often. However, portability doesn’t only refer to your ability to move the projector around, but also its set-up. If you plan on having a relatively permanent setup, you don’t need to worry about portability, but what if you want to have an outdoor movie night? In that case, you may want something more lightweight. At the workplace, it’s also handy to have a portable projector for presentations. In fact, many of the best presentation projectors are portable and easy to carry from one room to another. 

Types of Projectors

Now that you know a few key features, let’s get into the next step on how to choose projectors. Here are a few basic types of projectors you’ll encounter: 

1. Short Throw Projectors 

This is the best projector for presentations in a room that’s small or oddly shaped. 

Short-throw projectors can easily project large images from very short distances: perfect for a small meeting room or apartment. 

2. Laser Projector

Aside from lasting longer than lamps, laser projectors also produce accurate and vivid color. Because you can use them for so long before having to replace the laser lamp, this is one of the best home projectors for a budget-tight household. 

3. DLP Projector

DLP (digital light processing) projectors are highly reliable projectors. They differ from other projectors in that their light is passed through color wheels, reflection mirrors, and then a lens. This creates beautiful images in higher definition and better color. 

At the end of the day, the best projector depends on what’s important to you, whether you’re shopping for your home or office. Whatever type of projector you go with, we have you covered. Shop Directnine today for the best prices and selection on the market. 

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