How to Prepare for a Photo Session With Your Pet

Taking photo with you pet

Pets are just as much of a family member as human relatives, so naturally, many pet owners want to include pets in their family photo shoots. However, trying to get the perfect family photo with your pet presents a number of unique challenges that you wouldn’t have to deal with in a humans-only photo shoot. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to prepare for and mitigate these challenges, so check out our quick guide for photo session with your Pet.

Teach Your Pet to Become Comfortable With Being Handled

One of the greatest challenges you’ll face as a pet owner trying to get the perfect photo is posing. Of course, animals don’t know how to pose for a picture. While you can simply move them into the right position, many of them aren’t all too keen on that idea, either. To that end, it’s best to train them to be comfortable with being picked up and moved if they aren’t already, making it easy for you to get them in the perfect position for your photo shoot.

Teach Your Pet to Sit Still

Teaching pet to sit still

Of course, teaching them to be more comfortable with being posed isn’t going to do you any good if they won’t stay there once you’ve put them in a pose. Be sure your pet can stay posed for as long as it takes to get a few photos, incentivizing them with treats if you need. During the training process, it helps to have a command and release word like “stay” and “go” respectively, giving your pet a more concrete idea of when it is and isn’t okay to break their pose.

Find the Right Photographer


Finally, be sure to find a photographer who’s equipped to do photo shoots involving animals. Many photographers specialize in pet photography specifically. So they’ll have the equipment and unique skill set needed to get the perfect photos of your furry friends. In addition to the training you’ve already given your pet. Most pet photographers have a few tricks up their sleeve to grab and keep an animal’s attention. Photographer ensures that they’ll keep their eyes on the camera, maintain their pose, and perfectly display their unique personality for your photo shoot.

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