How to Prevent Home Security Camera Hacking

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On the surface, keeping your home safe may seem as simple as setting up the best wireless security camera system you can find, but there’s a lot more to it than that. As technology has advanced, home security has turned into something of an arms race between cybersecurity experts and malicious hackers. Unfortunately, there are times when the hackers come out ahead. When that happens, many security camera users are at risk of being hacked and having their security systems compromised. To keep this from happening to you, here are a few things on how to prevent home security camera hacking

Avoid Wi-Fi Cams

For a would-be hacker to access your security cameras remotely, they need an in, and this in is almost always a Wi-Fi network. Even if they know how to hack Wi-Fi cameras. They can’t do much to a camera that’s completely disconnected from the internet. If you’re still dedicated to a wireless camera system, there’s no need to worry! There are plenty of wireless security cameras that operate without Wi-Fi. Closing a potential security gap without sacrificing convenience. So buy cameras without Wi-Fi to prevent home security camera hacking.

Use Wired Cameras

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Of course, if you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of convenience. Wired security cameras are one of the most secure options on the market. Because they’re only connected to other cameras and devices physically. There’s no way for hackers to interfere with their communications. The only way they could disrupt the cameras, in fact, would be to physically disable, damage, or cut them off. Most bad actors aren’t willing to do that because of the high risk of being caught. While it’s a bit of extra work on your end, the peace of mind might just be worth it.

Keep Track of Smart Devices

The problem that many smart-home owners face is that they don’t realize just how many vulnerabilities are present in their homes. For every smart device in the house, there’s a point of connection to the house’s Wi-Fi network. If a hacker is able to compromise even one of those points of entry. They can use it as a springboard to access every device connected to the network, Wi-Fi cameras included. To prevent this from happening to you. We recommend keeping track of all the smart devices you own Take proper precautions to ensure each and every one of them is able to resist a cyberattack.

Use Separate Networks for Personal Info, Smart Devices, and Cameras

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If you’re unsure of how to know when your Wi-Fi hacked but don’t want to give up the convenience of smart devices and Wi-Fi cameras. It may be worth investing in separate networks for each of them. Particularly resourceful hackers can use something as simple as a vulnerable camera or smart appliance to access your entire network, and all the devices on it by extension. This, of course, includes your personal devices like phones, laptops, and PCs, all of which may contain sensitive or private information.

If you’re not confident in your ability to detect a network security breach and react quickly, using separate networks can be a great way to protect your personal information. If your cameras or smart appliances hacked. The hacker will be able to access all the other devices on the network. But will have a bit more trouble making the jump from the smart appliance and camera network to the network in which your personal information stored.

Keep Security Software up to Date

Like we mentioned above, there’s something of an ongoing arms race between cybersecurity experts and hackers. Cybersecurity experts help keep you protected by regularly rolling out new security updates. Be sure to check for updates regularly and install them as soon as they’re available. Though this won’t make you completely immune to hacking. It’ll help close some of the more common security gaps in your security cams, making them that much safer.

Buy From Reputable Brands

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When you buy a smart security camera, be sure that you’re getting it from a brand you trust. Generally, the quality of the camera very closely correlates with the quality of its software. So buying from an unknown, shady-seeming brand just to save a few bucks could open your security system up to any number of outside threats. Stick to reputable brands, and you can generally rest easy knowing that if any software issues do occur, they’ll be quickly patched up.

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