About Us

When you visit most brick and mortar electronics stores, you will likely find the latest and greatest flashy tech, but you will not find the parts, accessories, and compatible items you need for the electronics you already own. Other electronics retailers focus too heavily on what’s hottest right now, leaving former customers wanting to get the best value from their electronics to look elsewhere.

At DirectNine, a Handelnine Global brand, we have combined the exciting experience of shopping for new electronics with the convenience of being able to find all the parts and accessories you need for the things you already have. DirectNine is in the business of making our customers’ lives easier, which is why we curate our inventory with the intention of always being a one-stop-shop for consumer electronics. Always being refreshed to suit the needs of our customers, our enormous inventory of electronics and accessories includes virtually everything you could possibly need.

We carry a range of items from mobile and computer accessories and office electronics to home appliances and electronic components so you can perform repairs at home. We understand the important role electronics play in your everyday lives, which is why we prioritize keeping those vital parts, gadgets, and accessories available at reasonable prices.

To top off a convenient and fruitful online shopping experience, checking out with DirectNine is super easy and secure. Once you make your purchase, your order is shipped as soon as possible, and will arrive directly to your door safely packed and ready to be used. With thousands of products to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the gadget, part, or accessory you need at DirectNine.