Top 5 Uses of Smart Speakers for Your Home

If you’re like the majority of consumers and you’ve been seeing ads for wireless smart speakers for quite a while, still you’re wondering then it’s time to purchase. 

If you’re not sure, we’ll let you in on a few key functions of portable smart speakers in this article. Not the brands, but the capabilities that the best smart speakers should have and the capabilities you can enjoy in your very own home. 

What Can A Smart Speaker Do?

Here are the top five uses for a smart speaker in your home:

1. Play Your Favorite Music

Smart Speakers

Your stereo can’t play music the way a portable speaker can. You don’t have to waste time flipping through channels or digging through CDs to find something you love to listen to. With Amazon’s smart speaker or Google speaker connected to your favorite listening platform. You can hear your favorite song as fast as you can say the title aloud. 

2. Get Questions Answered

If you have a question then simply ask your smart speaker and it will read the answer aloud to you. If you have a speaker with a screen, the answer might be shown right there in text. 

3. Control Smart Home Devices

Control Smart Home Devices with Smart Speakers

Your portable smart speaker goes beyond music. As long as all gadgets are connected to your home Wi-Fi network. You can adjust your heater and fiddle with your smartphone speaker, change the channel on the TV, turn up the lights, turn on the kettle, and more simply by using your voice. 

4. Get the Latest News, Check Out a Book, Play Games, and More

You’d be surprised by just how much a smart speaker is capable of. You can find out the latest news from your favorite news provider, listen to a podcast, find your next favorite audiobook, or play games like Simon Says. You can even ask your speaker to play animal sounds, and it’ll do it! 

5. Stay Organized

Smart Speakers

If you’re constantly forgetting birthdays, missing things on your grocery list, or accidentally skipping meetings. Your speaker (especially a speaker with a screen, if you’re a visual learner), will help you stay organized. Your speaker can set up reminders for your events, lists, and anything that you might need to call back on later. 

Smart Speakers for an Easier Life

Smart speakers are the way of the future. If you’ve decided that it’s time you invest in one then make sure to try out all of these awesome functions!

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