The Perfect Home Theater Setup Guide 101

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If you prefer watching movies from the comfort of your own home, you need a solid home theater setup to enjoy it to the fullest. From finding the perfect speaker system to picking out your favorite crystal-clear display, here’s everything you need to look for when putting together your home theater dream setup.

Finding the Perfect Speakers


If you want to enjoy a cinema-quality film experience, you need a cinema-quality speaker setup. Your standard sound system won’t cut it in most cases, so you’ll need to throw in a few upgrades. First of all, there are your standard woofers. Even if you have a more basic sound system, it most likely includes a set of woofers, as they tend to cover the main range of sounds.

Subwoofers, however, serve to reinforce your woofers, covering lower frequencies and providing rich, punchy bass. As standard woofers often struggle with lower sound ranges, subwoofers are a necessity if you want a full-bodied cinematic sound.

Though it’s optional, adding a sound bar to the setup makes for the perfect finishing touch to your cinematic sound system. Sound bars typically contain both woofers and subwoofers, helping to project sound throughout the room.

Finding a Display Screen

Home Theater Setup

Once you’ve sorted out the perfect speaker system, you can focus on finding the perfect home theater display screen. Depending on how much space you have, you may prefer a flat screen TV or a projector screen. For smaller spaces, a flatscreen will be more practical, but if you have the room and want to go the extra mile for your home cinema experience, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality projector screen.


Picking Out a Projector

If you decided on a flatscreen TV, all you have to do at this point is set everything up and enjoy your setup! If you decided on a projector screen, however, you’ll now have to decide on the projector itself. Look for a projector that supports high image quality, and ensure it’s compatible with your device of choice. Once you’ve picked your projector, however, it’s a simple matter of hooking it up to said device, putting on your favorite movie, and enjoying your brand-new setup!

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