The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own Gaming Setup

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If you’re interested in building a custom PC gaming setup, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Though all the information on what components to buy, what works, and what doesn’t can be confusing at first. Having a bit of baseline knowledge makes it much easier to understand. To lend you a hand, we’ll be going over the things you need to consider when building a gaming PC for beginners, as well as how to build a setup around that PC.

Gaming vs. Non-Gaming Components

Games tax PCs in a few unique ways. So your PC must very specifically be a gaming PC, or built with gaming hardware. This is especially important when you’re shopping for your graphics processing unit (GPU) and solid-state drive, (SSD). Both of which need to be far more powerful for gaming than a daily-use PC can provide.

Decide on PC Specs

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The budget you’ll need for your dream setup varies drastically depending on the type of PC you want. PCs can typically categorize into three distinct levels: entry-level, mid-range, and high-grade. Entry-level PCs will take care of most of your basic gaming needs. They give you smooth performance on less graphics-intensive titles.

Mid-range PCs are a bit more expensive, but can also run some heavier titles. If you want to play all the latest titles at the highest settings, though, you’ll need a high-grade PC. Though they’re quite a bit more expensive, the performance is worth every penny. To help you visualize the capabilities of each level, take a look at a few popular titles that each PC is good for.

Entry-level PCs best suited to popular indie titles like Stardew Valley, Sea of Stars, and Hades. While still breathtaking gaming experiences, they have graphical styles that are much easier to render.

Mid-range PC gaming setups work well with more recent AAA titles like Elden Ring and Baldur’s Gate III. They can run most titles at max settings without too much trouble. But may start to struggle when rendering hyper-realistic graphics. As the technology used in AAA titles grows more and more advanced, PCs in this price range will likely start to fall behind, but should still work well for less strenuous titles.

A high-grade gaming PC can run just about anything you throw at it. Machines in this range are the best PCs for Helldivers II, Alan Wake II, and other brand-new AAA titles that push your machine to its limit. They’ll be able to not only run these titles, but livestream or record them with little to no issues. If you’re looking to become an internet personality in the gaming niche, we strongly recommend investing in a powerful pro gaming setup.

Invest in a Gaming Chair

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If you’re a hardcore gamer who enjoys long raid sessions and gaming marathons, you need a gaming chair. It’s not just a matter of comfort, it’s a matter of personal health, believe it or not. Gaming chairs designed to have superior back and lumbar support. This greatly eases the strain on your back when sitting down for long periods. Using a chair without the proper support can lead to chronic back and posture issues that are not just painful. But expensive and time-consuming to fix. While shelling out the extra money for a chair may seem unimportant now, you’ll be glad you did a few years down the road.

Cable Management Is Important!

Cable management is the bane of many gamers’ existence, but it’s easy enough if you get started early. Cool gaming setups practically require a sleek, clean aesthetic, so be mindful when figuring out how to organize your cables. Once you’ve got everything in place, use cable organizers to keep cables grouped together. This keeps your gaming desk setup clear and neat, allowing you to appreciate it in all its glory.

How Many Monitors?

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You may only need one monitor for your setup to function, but having two (or even three!) can come in handy. For example, if you’re streaming a game with online friends on Twitch, you could have one monitor devoted to the game, one to the stream, and one to your Discord call. Rather than tabbing in and out of different apps ad nauseam, you can just slide your mouse over to the monitor you need to use, slide it back once you’re done, and get right back into the action. This is a lifesaver for just about anyone, but for people looking to be internet personalities like we mentioned earlier, it’s nothing short of a must-have.

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