Top Phone & Tablet Gear for Your Desk


Phones and tablets are incredibly versatile devices with countless uses for both work and fun, so you stand to benefit from implementing them into your desk setup. Of course, it won’t help much to just place them awkwardly on the side of your desk where you have to pause and pick the device up every time you get a new notification. That being said, let’s take a look at a few of the best phone & tablet gear for your desk setup.

Phone Tripod

First of all, there’s the classic phone tripod. If you’re the type that enjoys watching TV shows or online videos while you work for the sake of background noise. A tripod is just the thing you need. By keeping your phone in a landscape position, it’ll give you quick, streamlined control over your background noise. It allows you to make whatever adjustments you need without losing focus.

Phone & Tablet Wall Mount

Phone & Tablet Wall Mount

Next is a useful wall mount for your phone and tablet. Rather than having your phone lay face down on the desk, you can mount it in a convenient position. It allows you to see incoming messages and other important notifications without breaking your workflow. It’s essentially a seamless integration and stands to drastically reduce the amount of time wasted on scrolling. it also keeps you in the loop for the things that matter.

Desk Organizer With Phone Slot

There’s the desk organizer with a built-in phone slot. One of the most important parts of any effective workspace is that it’s efficiently organized. This extends to the placement of your phone as well. As a result, a desk organizer with a built-in phone slot takes care of both problems at once. It enhances your work setup as a whole.

Wireless Charger

Smartphone on white wireless charger pad

If you aren’t planning on using your phone or tablet as you work. The next best thing is to give it some time to charge. With a wireless charger, all you have to do is place it on the charging pad and leave it alone while you work. Once you’re done, you’ll have a fully-charged phone. You have plenty of free time to enjoy your favorite games and shows as you wind down!

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