Upgrading Old Security Cameras: A Complete Guide

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Security cameras, like any piece of equipment, have limited lifespans. Once that lifespan expires, you’ll need to invest in a new system. So it’s best to be conscious of when you need to upgrade old security cameras. What you want to get out of that upgrade. To help you out, we’ve put together a bit of information on the upgrade process, why it’s important, and how to navigate it.

Why You Should Replace Old Security Cameras

As a general rule, technology advances and develops rapidly, which means that older tech very quickly becomes outdated. While CCTV cameras have changed less than most other pieces of technology, change has still very definitely occurred. Newer CCTV cameras have clearer images than ever before. In some cases are capable of recording audio, capturing video in the dark, and even connecting to your smartphone. While any old security cameras will have the basic functionalities it needs to monitor your property. Only the newer models can go above and beyond in keeping your home and family safe.

When to Replace an Old Security Cameras

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That said, it’s important to not only know why you need to upgrade old security cameras, but when to make those upgrades as well. CCTV cameras are fairly durable and long-lived pieces of technology. So you won’t have to replace them as often as say, a smartphone. However, security cameras do wear down, break, and become outdated. So it’s important to be aware of when upgrades are necessary.

Security experts generally recommend swapping out your security cameras every 5-10 years. If you want your security system to always be decked out with the latest tech and features. Every five years will work best. But if you plan to use your cameras until they break down, proper maintenance should get you around ten. Past that point, though, the cameras will become less and less reliable. It’s best to replace your cameras before then to ensure that your home is always getting the best possible protection.

What to Look For in a New Security Cam

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When you’re in the market to upgrade your security old security cameras, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best possible products. To do that, we recommend deciding on your must-have features and qualities, and searching for cameras that meet your criteria. Many cameras come with features that are useful, but not required. 

For example, some cameras can upload and save their recordings to the cloud. Saving you the trouble of having to keep a hard drive around. If you want this feature, we strongly recommend it, but as long as the camera you buy can get a clear image of any would-be intruders, it’ll serve its purpose well. Essentially, don’t stress too much about getting all the latest features if you don’t want them. As long as your camera serves its basic purpose, it’ll keep you and your family safe.

Upgrade or Overhaul?

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Of course, it’s important to consider whether or not your old system is worth keeping around to begin with. If you’re trying to upgrade an existing home security system that you’ve been using for too long. It may have compatibility issues with the modern upgrades you purchase. In that case, it may be better and more cost-effective for you to simply start from scratch and overhaul the entire system. When making this decision, consider a few factors: the age of your system as a whole, the lifespan of the parts you’re not upgrading. The overall cost of an upgrade as opposed to an overhaul.

If your system is on the older side, the parts you choose not to replace will become dated far quicker than the new parts you swap in with the upgrade. That means that they’ll need replacing relatively soon as well, so it’s ultimately quicker to do a full overhaul. This takes care of all your needs in one fell swoop, and depending on who you’re buying from, may even get you a large order discount. This is largely a matter of personal preference, though, so do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Putting Together a New Setup

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So, once you’ve got all of the new parts together, what comes next? How do you put everything together and get it up and running? Generally speaking, CCTV camera setup is the same across generations, but depending on the ins and outs of your new cameras, there may be some small differences. Just put up new cameras in the same places as your old ones, hook them up to your NVR or DVR, and then hook that NVR or DVR up to a monitor. If you’re using smart cameras, you may need to do a few extra steps to get their cloud storage up and running, and may have to pay an additional monthly fee to do so. With all those steps done, though, your home security system should be up, running, and safer than ever, allowing you to rest easy.

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