Wall Mounting a TV: All You Need To Know

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If you have a TV, placing it in a TV mounting should be a top priority. Putting your TV up using a wall mount can keep it safe from falling over while looking stunning. 

Luckily for you, installing a TV wall mount is a simple DIY project. From furniture assembly master to complete novice, we have tips for everyone.

Choose A Spot To Mount Your TV

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Before you head to the store, you’ll want to measure the area on your wall you plan to install your TV mount. You will want the bottom of the TV to be eye-level while you are sitting and the top of the TV eye-level when you stand. If the TV needs to go higher than this, you will want to invest in an adjustable TV bracket. 

Make sure your space is near an outlet (an easy to forget but important essential!)

Buy The TV Mounting of Your Dreams

If your TV screen will be stationary, a traditional mount will be fine. Consider buying a full motion TV wall mounts if the TV will need to pivot and face different locations.

It is also very important that you check the weight and TV restrictions on the mount’s box before making your final purchase. When you get home, place the TV brackets on your TV. You will want to confirm the wall brackets fit your television before doing any further steps.

Locate Wall Studs

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If mounting your TV on typical drywall, your TV will be most secure if placed according to studs. To find these, purchase a stud finder – this nifty tool will come in handy in future DIY projects.

Mark and Drill Pilot Holes

Based on the location of the wall studs, you will drill holes in your wall where your TV mount will attach to your wall. While you can use your mount itself as a guide, many TV mounts come with a template you can use to ensure these holes’ accuracy.

Attach TV Mounting

Before fully securing your mount, check to make sure the TV will be level. If TV is not level, reassess and make adjustments.

Mount TV

TV mounting on living room wall

Place your TV into its TV wall brackets and attach the television bracket to your securely attached mount. Make sure you have a plan to hide or secure any cables that will be coming from the back of the TV.

If you feel any part of this DIY project to be overwhelming, always remember that when in doubt, it is always possible to outsource and hire a professional.

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